Date: 19/3/2017
Promotion: LCW Elevation
Event: Xceleration 3
Venue: Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester
Source: LCW Elevation

Match Results…

Six Man Tag Team match
Jack Clover & 4Ever Young (Tyler Owens & Antonio Gonzalez) def. Visage & The Savages

Jack Clover would score the victory for his team, pinning Visage with a roll up. The Savages & Visage would try and get some revenge, jumping Clover & 4Ever Young after the bell. Something tells us, issues are just getting started between these men here.

Gauntlet match
Harley Harris def. Barbie Rogue, Georgy Archer, Shauna Shay & Hannah James
Order Of Elimination…
1) Hannah James by Georgy Archer
2) Georgy Archer by Shauna Shay by submission
3) Shauna Shay by Harley Harris
4) Barbie Rogue by Harley Harris

The Alpha Brothers would come down to ringside, in their first Elevation appearance since winning the Elevation Tag Team Championships. The crowd seemingly now accept The Brothers after they have shown a new side of themselves in recent months. Though one man who would not accept The Alpha Brothers, is Brett Ryans. He claimed that The Alphas should be thanking him for their success, and that he should be getting a title shot from them first. The Alphas gladly accepted, and gave Ryans until the second half to find himself a tag team partner.

Brady Phillips def. Joseph Conners

After the match, Joseph Conners would take to the microphone and comment on how this is now Phillips 6 consecutive win in a row, that he is the new number one contender to the Elevation Championship.

White Tiger def. Alton Thorne

As the second half started, Thorne & Tiger came out brawling from backstage, starting their match right there and then. Both men had one heck of a battle, but it would be Tiger who would come out the victor in this one. Due to the stipulation this means that Alton Thorne cannot compete in Elevation, unless White Tiger himself re instates Thorne.

LCW Elevation Tag Team Championship match
Champions, The Alpha Brothers (Ricky & Johnny Alpha) def. Brett Ryans & LJ Heron

Brett Ryans was able to find a partner, he dipped into his trust fund and managed to bring in a highly decorated athlete LJ Heron, who would make his Elevation debut here. However it would be The Alpha Brothers who would make their first title defence here.

LCW Elevation Championship match
Champion, Unified LCW Tag Team Champion, Blake def. Mitchell Page

Mitchell Page would put on the performance of his young career in his first ever Main Event against Blake. He refused to back down to his older, more experienced opponent. Blake handed out a devastating verbal and physical beat down on Page. Though Page would fight through and all most on 3 occasions looked like he was ready to pull off another huge upset. Though Blake would score his Pumphandle driver to claim his 4th title defence here.

It looked like Page had earned Blakes respect at the end of the contest, but Blake would add more insult to injury powerbombing Page back down to the mat. Joseph Conners had seen enough and got in the ring and forced Blake off of Page. Blake would then attack Conners! As he looked to powerbomb Conners, the new number one contender Brady Phillips came down to make the save, as he and Blake had their first confrontation.