Date: 7/3/2017
Promotion: PROGRESS Wrestling
Event: Freedom’s Road Tapings: Night 2
Venue: The Dome, Tufnell Park, London
Source: ProWresLand

Match Results…

Dark match… Six Man Tag Team match – Jordon Dudeney, KC Shaw & James Best def. Big T Justice, Aleandro Capone & Oisin Delaney

Scramble match
Kyle Ashmore def. David Francisco, Spike Trivet, Alex Cupid, Dillon D’Angelo & Danny Duggan

Jinny def. Bea Priestley

Roy Johnson came out prior to the match and issued a Wasteman Challenge which was answered by Chuck Mambo, it quickly broke down and a match began.

Roy Johnson def. Chuck Mambo

Earl Black Jr def. RJ Singh by submission

Spike Trivet def. Kevin Mills by submission

Laura Di Matteo def. Candyfloss by submission

Timothy Thatcher def. Darrell Allen by submission

PROGRESS Atlas Championship match
Champion, Matt Riddle def. Rob Lynch by submission