Date: 5/3/2017
Promotion: Knockout Wrestling Entertainment
Event: Twice Upon Time Better Together
Venue: Swanmore Village Hall, Southampton
Source: Knockout Wrestling Entertainment

Match Results…

J Jay triggers his Media Title Rematch Clause for later in the evening.

Team BTY (J Jay & Matt MG) def. G.P.G (Aries & Hades)

Golden Contract Scramble
Won by: Maverick Blade

KWE Media Champion, Bobbi Tyler & Bobby Vegas def. Kymmie A. Kiss & Ronnie Evans

The Society (Frankie T & Wolfie King) def. Johnny Royal & Maverick Blade by submission

#1 Contenders Four-Way match
Ant LaDash def. Priscilla, Lookachu & Karl Atlas

KWE Media Championship match
champion, Bobbi Tyler def. J Jay