Date: 4/3/2017
Promotion: Leicester Championship Wrestling
Event: Rising
Venue: Brockington College, Enderby, Leiester
Source: Mark Adams

Match Results…

Unified LCW Tag Team Champion, Blake def. Ricky Alpha

Barbie Rogue issued an Open Challenge which was answered by Rainz, Paul Malen would come out and attck Rainz and this lead to a Handicap match.

Handicap match
Paul Malen & Barbie Rogue def. Rainz

LCW Young Guns Championship match
Champion, White Tiger def. Kyle Kingsley

Johnny Alpha def. Unified LCW Tag Team Champion, Burchill

4 Ever Young (Tyler Owens & Antonio Gonzalez) def. Jack Cave & Brett Ryans

LCW Heavyweight Championship Four-Way match
Champion, Jake McCluskey def. Xander Cooper, Brady Phillips & LJ Heron