Date: 4/3/2017
Promotion: Knockout Wrestling Entertainment
Event: One Year Anniversary
Venue: Bishops Waltham Social Club, Southampton
Source: Knockout Wrestling Entertainment

Match Results…

The rules for the event were explained… Two competitors will start in the ring and the winner will stay in the ring, eliminations will occur by pinfall or submission, last person standing faces the KWE Media Champion in the Main Event!

Winner-Takes-All Gauntlet match
Bobby Vegas def. Filthy ash
Bobby Vegas def. Johnny Royal by submission
Matt MG def. Bobby Vegas
Matt MG def. Frankie T
Ant La Dash def. Matt MG
Ant La Dash def. Okami
Ronnie Evans def. ant La Dash
Maverick Blade def. Ronnie Evans by submission
Maverick Blade def. Bozo The Clown
Maverick Blade def. Wolfie King by submission
Bobbi Tyler def. Maverick Blade to WIN the Gauntlet

KWE Media Championship match
Bobbi Tyler def. Champion, J Jay *Title Change*