Date: 19/2/2017
Promotion: Tidal Championship Wrestling
Event: Wipeout 2017
Venue: Church, Leeds
Source: BritWresAwayDays

Match Results…

Jimmy Havoc makes an appearance to announce that he won’t be competing due to injury.

Ace Matthews def. Dan Evans

Tidal Women’s Championship match
Champion, Lana Austin def. Lizzy Styles

Joseph Conners def. CJ Banks

Tidal Championship match
Champion, Rampage Brown def. Eddie Dennis

Dara Diablo def. White Tiger

Prior to the next match, Diablo & Sean Only attacked El Ligero with a chair and Only said the match would stil be going on between himself and Ligero or Tidal would be facing legal ramifications.

El Ligero def. Sean Only

Tidal Tag Team Championship match
Champions, The New Nation (Jason Prime & Alexander Henry) def. The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch)

HT Drake Vs Amir Jordan ended in a no contest

Amir Jordan replaced Jimmy Havoc as Drake’s opponent, just as Drake was about to beat Jordan, The Service came out and attacked Jordan & Drake, Jimmy Havoc appeared and looked to be making the save but then joined in and was revealed as the leader of The Service, Tag Team Champions, The New Nation came out for the save but where also beaten down by Havoc, Diablo, Only & Evans to end the show.