Date: 19/2/2017
Promotion: HOPE Wrestling
Event: Charity Wrestling: Dogs For Good
Venue: The Brooklands Club, Leighton Buzzard
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

Paul McSherry def. Kent Nelson

Announcer Chris Pugh introduced co-announcer for the day Morgan Black, who then proceeded to give Chris a stunner and said he was out to break the record for most stunners on a show ever and then stunnered the referee.

Jayde def. Dahlia Black

Following the match, Dahlia Black gave the referee a lowblow and left with boyfriend TK Cooper.

Team MAD (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) def. 1Vision (Sam Goodison & Ryan Lee)

Following the match, The Bromantics came out and told Morgan Black he was doing a great job and then Morgan stunnered both, Owen Charles and then Shogun J.

HOPE Division A Championship match
Champion, El Jefe def. TK Cooper

During the interval, co-announcers, Chris Pugh and Morgan Black announced that they had sorted out their differences and would continue the show together, but before the second half could begin, Morgan stunnered Division A Champion, El Jefe, a ring crew member who had been checking the ring and once again Chris Pugh!

HOPE’s Most Wanted, Hustle Malone def. Kelly Sixx

#1 Contenders Six Man Scramble match
Ashley Dunn & Jay Garner def. Twister, Oliver Ross, Warren Banks & Max Thompson

During the match, Ashley Dunn become #1 Contender twice, Oliver Ross, Twister & Warren Banks all once, but in the end Dunn & Garner scored simultaneous pinfalls and as time ran out where declared co-#1 Contenders, Division A Champion, El Jefe came out and said it would be an honour to face them both in a Three-Way match for the title in Leighton Buzzard when they return on April 9th, both Garner & Dunn said they where in and the match was signed.

Following the raffle , Morgan Black once again stunnered Chris Pugh!

The Battle Of Leighton Buzzard Ten Man Tag Team match
Team DOG (Gene Munny, Frankie Vegas, Jack Cave & The Bromantics (Shogun J & Owen Charles)) def. Team CAT (Team MAD (HOPE’s Most Wanted, Hustle Malone, Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem), Kai Payne & TK Cooper)

During the match, when things had completely broken down Team Hamster, lead by El Jefe, made their entrance followed by Team Goldfish, lead by Kelly Sixx appeared and an even bigger brawl ensued and only ended when Team DOG managed to get the winning pinfall.