Date: 17/2/2017
Promotion: HOPE Wrestling
Event: Ladies & Gentleman, This Is Slambo #5
Venue: Esquires, Bedford
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…


Warren Banks & Kent Nelson def. Weather Warning (Twister & Blizzard)

Main Show…

Battle Royal
Won by: Perry Rover
Other Participants: JB Michaels, Kent Nelson, Reece Bauer, Jacob Daniels, Tommy Nova, Grayson Blaze, Strider, Owen Charles, Oliver Ross, Bjorn, Scott Gibson, Blizzard, Jim Noise, Kira Fox & John Callier

Shogun J def. Kelly Sixx

Special Referee: Bobbi Tyler
Jayde def. Bea Priestley

HOPE Division A Championship Four-Way Hardcore match
Champion, El Jefe def. Jimmy Havoc, Ashley Dunn & Paul McSherry

Prior to the next match, Malone and Vegas engaged in the first ever Playground Insults Challenge, they went back and forth insulting each other before Malone hit Vegas with a headbutt to start the match.

Frankie Vegas def. HOPE’s Most Wanted, Hustle Malone

The next match started off as a Handicap match as Gene Munny faced Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem of Team MAD, as Munny couldn’t find a tag team partner only for CJ Carter to come out and even the teams up.

Team MAD (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) def. Gene Munny & CJ Carter

Will Ospreay def. Jay Garner

Following the match, Ospreay raised Garner’s hand in a show of respect, but that didn’t last long as Ospreay called out Harvey Dale and demanded to be paid, the two went back and forth verbally and Ospreay said there was other ways of paying for him and as its an Over 18’s Show he could drop to his knees and suck his dick, Harvey then kicked Ospreay low and hit a Canadian Destroyer to send the packed out crowd wild!