Date: 11/2/2017
Promotion: Wrestlezone
Event: Live In Montrose
Venue: Montrose Town Hall, Montrose
Source: Wrestlezone

Match Results…

WZ Tri-Counties Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
Aspen Faith def. Johnny Lions to advance

Chris Archer def. William Sterling

Six Man Tag Team match
Bryan Tucker, Zach Dynamite & Bradley Evans def. Damien, Kaden Garrick & Marcus North

Three-Way match
Shawn Johnson def. Mr P & Jimbo Bannon

Mikkey Vago def. Alan Sterling

WZ Undisputed Championship match
Champion, Andy Wild Vs Scotty Swift ended in a double pin

One referee declared Swift the victor and the other Wild. A frustrated Wild then put his hands on both officials. Wrestlezone management’s Len Ironside declared that due to the controversial finish and Wild’s actions, that the Title was being declared vacant!