Date: 11/2/2017
Promotion: Reckless Intent Wrestling
Event: Live In Clarkmannan
Venue: Clarkmannan Town Hall, Clarkmannan
Source: Reckless Intent Wrestling

Match Results…

Rob Mills def. Glen Dunbar

Justin Deed def. Jam O’Malley

RI Slam Championship match
Champion, David Devlin def. Theo Doros

Devlin and Dunbar attacked Doros after the match before Jam O’Malley, Rob Mills and Craig Forsyth made the save. Jam informed Devlin that he had just spoke to Gm Scott Renwick who has made the decision that Devlin will defend the Slam Championship in an over the top rope Rumble match.

Michael Chase def. Delsin Dayre

Eric Canyon def. Craig Forsyth

RI Slam Championship Rumble match
Won by: Champion, David Devlin