Date: 11/2/2017
Promotion: Celtic Championship Wrestling
Event: Ladder Wars: Episode II – The Establishment Strikes Back
Venue: The Kino, Cork
Source: Celtic Championship Wrestling

Match Results…

Jody Fleisch defeated Lou King Sharp

CCW All Star Champion, Conor Charisma came to the ring and announced that he wouldn’t be competing tonight due to injury. He then announced that it was his birthday and to celebrate he invited the cast of his favourite movie, Star Trek, to the ring. Darth Vader and two Stormtroopers came to the ring with a birthday cake. The Northern Irish Nightmare Tron interrupted Conor, dragging a referee with him.

Handicap match
Tron def. Darth Vader & The Stormtroopers

David The Beloved came to the ring and addressed his recent non appearances at CCW including his attack by The Establishment before “The Fight Before Xmas”. He issues a challenge to anyone in the locker room. “The International Sex Hero” DCT comes to the ring and we have a match.

Open Challenge
DCT def. David The Beloved

CCW Tag Team Championship Ladder match
Champions, The Wood Bros def. The Establishment

CCW Heavyweight Championship match
Champion, Bruiser def. Ricky Combat

Billy Lynch & Raven Creed def. Axel Jeffries & Lauren La Roux

After the match Bedlam said that as Raven had been a good girl she could have a new doll to play with and proceeded to drag Lauren La Roux from the ring.

Championship Choice Ladder Four-Way match
“Pastor” William Eaver def. Danny Butler, Bingo Ballance & Lycan