Date: 12/2/2017
Promotion: What Culture Pro Wrestling
Event: True Destiny (LIVE on FiteTV)
Venue: Planet Ice, Milton Keynes
Source: Chris Pugh

Match Results…

Check out press conference notes HERE.

Jim Ross and Matt Striker are introduced to the crowd.

Pre-show…Prince Ameen def. Drake

SoCal Val is introduced to the crowd to promote FiteTV. Val announces that Pentagon Jr can’t be here this evening and has been replaced by El Hiro De Dos Caras

Pre-Show… “Bad Bones” John Klinger def. Doug Williams

The Bullet Club (Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks) are announced for March 20th (Manchester) & 21st (Nottingam)


Ricochet def. Will Ospreay

Explosive start to the match see’s Ospreay and Ricochet break the top, however Ricochet managed to hit a top rope moonsault and Ospreay hit a top rope double ax – whilst the rope was still broken. And now the opposite corner breaks and they just discard the top rope.

Best Of Seven Series: “I Quit!” match
Rampage def. Primate

A brutal match sees Rampage tape Primate to the ropes and Rampage used a chain round Primate’s neck, Primate wouldn’t quit and James R Kennedy throw in the towel to hand Rampage the win!

Drago def. El Hijo De Dos Caras

Zack Sabre Jr def. Travis Banks by submission

WCPW Tag Team Championship Ladder Open Challenge
The Swords Of Essex (Will Ospreay & Scott Wainwright) def. Champions, Moss X Slater (Johnny Moss & Liam Slater) Vs Prospect (Archer & Gracie) Vs El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd *Title Change*

Bea Priestley comes out with the WCPW Women’s Championship and says that Tessa Blanchard can’t be here tonight because shes to much of a pussy! So she will be issuing and Open Challenge for “her” title and the challenge is answered by the true champion… Nixon Newell!

WCPW Women’s Champion, Nixon Newell def. Bea Priestley

Referee, Joel Allen took a shot to the head with the title belt, Bea went to hit Nixon with a chair whilst the ref was down and Nixon ducked and used the belt to Bea and covered her for the win and reclaim possession of the belt.

WCPW World Championship match
Special Referee: WCPW General Manager, Martin Kirby
Champion, Drew Galloway def. Joe Hendry

WWE 2017 Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle def. Alberto El Patron by submission

Following the match, El Patron tool a knee and offered his hand to Angle and he accepted. After El Patron exited, Joe Hendry came out and raised Angle’s hand until he drops to a knee and low blows Kurt and gives him an angle slam of his own, El Patron returns and attacks Hendry. El Patron has the mic, he speaks about his destiny and working for one of the biggest promotions in the world, not that company in Stanford but WCPW, Angle thanks El Patron, he thanks the fans, he thanks England before leaving.

Interesting note… WWE’s Paige, El Patron’s fiance, was been stood at ringside throughout the match.