Date: 10/2/2017
Promotion: World Association Of Wrestling
Event: Live In Great Yarmouth
Venue: Retroskate, Great Yarmouth
Source: World Association Of Wrestling

Match Results…

Keegan def. Sonny Smasher by pinfall.

The Morning Star def. Mitchell Starr

ECTA Heavyweight Championship match
Champion, King Kendo def. Ricky Knight Jr

During the match Ricky Jr struck Kendo with the ECTA Junior title belt.

Alex Young def. Milky O’Hagan

Falls Count Anywhere match
Innocence Vs Saraya Knight ended in a no contest

Ricky Knight commented that he would prefer George Clooney to be playing him than Nick Frost and that he was already sick of being compared to the Hot Fuzz star. He then pointed out that Alberto El Patron was in the audience and that he was also tired of hearing about how the Mexican superstar was going to team up with The UK Hooligans and take out Old School. Finally, he announced that Jimmy Ocean would be unable to compete tonight due to illness but that The Gorgon was the newest member of Old School and would be joining them in the match tonight.

Elimination match
Old School (Ricky Knight, Steve Quintain, Ivan Trevors & The Gorgon) Vs Special Edition (Brad Slayer & Kip Sabian) & The Battlekats (PJ Knight & Battlekat CT) ended in a no contest