Date: 9/2/2017 (Taped: 14-15/11/2016)
Promotion: PROGRESS Wrestling
Show: Freedom’s Road #2
Venue: The Bedford, Balham, London
Source: PROGRESS Wrestling (Facebook)

Match Results…

Show opens with Laura Di Matteo arriving at the venue and running into her opponent for the night Dahlia Black, Dahlia reminded her about previous matches they have had before TK Cooper arrives and Laura leaves.

The Dazzler Team are seen backstage talking about the evening and Darrell Allen trying to convince Earl Black Jr to go along with his plan.

Laura Di Matteo def. Dahlia Black

During the match, it looked as though TK Coper was about to hit Laura, but she feel to the floor to make it looked like he had and when the referee turned round he kicked out TK Cooper from the ringside area.

Roy Johnson made his way out and issued a Wasteman Challenge to anyone in the back. This was answered by The Dazzler Team, Allen just danced around saying yeah before deciding to get Johnson to go first, Johnson spat his bars before being jumped by The Dazzler Team and a Handicap match was made.

Handicap match
Roy Johnson def. The Dazzler Team (Darrell Allen & Earl Black Jr)

Leading to the finish EBJ was holding Johnson but he moved and Allen superkicked EBJ allowing Johnson to get the win. Following the match, The Dazzler Team got into a shoving match, EBJ said Allen was no longer Dazzling and Allen retorted by saying EBJ wasn’t as good as Earl Black Sr, Allen walked off but returned and they hugged it out.