Date: 4/2/2017
Promotion: Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Event: Day Of Reckoning 14
Venue: Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham
Source: ProWresLand

Match Results…

Joseph Conners def. Southside Tag Team Champion, Chris Tyler

IMPACT Women’s Knockout Champion, Rosemary def. Little Miss Roxxy

Damian Dunne def. Colt Cabana

Ethan Page def. Robbie X

Nixon Newell & Ruby Summers Vs Kay Lee Ray & Alex Windsor ended in a no contest

Kay Lee Ray & Windsor attacked both Nixon & Ruby prior to the match with weapons and double powerbombed Nixon through a table!

HC Dyer def. Andrew Everett

Hubba Bubba Lucha (Southside Heavyweight Champion, El Ligero & Southside Speed King Champion, Bubblegum) def. Inter Coastal Violence Factory (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks)