Date: 21/8/2016
Promotion: International Pro Wrestling: United States
Event: Biggest. Show. Ever.
Venue: Electric Brixton, London
Source: ProWresLand

Match Results…

IPW:UK Tag Team Championship match
The Swords Of Essex (Paul Robinson & Scotty Essex) def. Champions, DND (Danny Duggan & Cieran Donnelly) *Title Change*

IPW:UK Women’s Championship Submission match
Champion, Tennessee Honey def. Jetta by submission

The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) def. The Ruckers (Jordan Wade & Nick Andreas)

Ethan Carter III def. Zack Gibson

Six Man Tag Team match
Sid Scala & The GZRS (Sebatian & Tom Irvin) def. Lionheart & The 55 (Sha Samuels & Kid Fite)

Ricardo Rodriguez did the ring announcements for the next match.

Cuban Heat 1000 Cuban Peso Challenge
Cuban Heat def. R.J. Singh

Heat said he wanted another challenger and this brought out P.J. Black, Black was attacked by Rodriguez from behind and a match between the two was set up.

P.J. Black def. Ricardo Rodriguez

IPW:UK World Championship match
Special Enforcers: The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch)
IPW:UK All-England Champion, Sammy Smooth def. Interim Champion, Joseph Conners *Title Change*

Prior to the match, Champion, Jimmy Havoc ordered the IPW:UK Tag Team Champions, The Swords Of Essex to get The London Riots out of there and they brawled backstage, during the match Adam Maxted made his debut and charmed referee, Artemis out of the ring and left with Maxted, Havoc then pulled the new referee out of the ring when it looked like Smooth was about to win, IPW:UK Owner, Daniel Edler then hit Havoc with the title belt and then counted the pin for Smooth to crown him the new champion. Havoc was not happy at all and has said that as Edler was not a licensed referee that the change should not count and left with the title belt in hand.