Date: 30/4/2016
Promotion: Reckless Intent Wrestling
Event: Live In Twechar
Venue: Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, Twechar
Source: Reckless Intent Wrestling

Match Results…

Sean Mercer def. Jackie Grady

Delsin Dayre def. Eric Canyon

Six Man Tag Team match
Rob Mills, Theo Doros & Tom Fulton def. Jam O’Malley & The Forgotten

RI Championship match
Champion, Michael Chase def. Lewis Girvan

RI UK Championship match
Champion, Massimo Vs DCT ended in a no contest

The match was stopped after Massimo picked up an injury.

Matt Daly def. Kieran McColm

Courtney def. Kirsty Love

Big Damo def. Paul Tracey

Following the match, The O’Malley Empire looked as though they was about to attack Damo and RI Champion, Michael Chase rushed the ring to make the save but Damo attacked Chase and made his intensions clear and he wants a shot at the RI Championship, the show ended with Damo & The O’Malley Empire continuing to attack Chase.