Date: 16/1/2016
Promotion: Falling Starr Wrestling
Event: Fight Night: West Lynn
Venue:  west Lynn Sport & Social Club, Kings Lynn
Source: Falling Starr Wrestling

Match Results…

#1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Final
“Dark Wolf” Matt Walters def. BULK to advance

FSW Founder, Jimmy Starr announced that FSW will have a brand new championship title. Alongside the FSW Championship, there will now be a secondary belt, the FSW Limitless Championship. The Limitless Championship will be open to all FSW competitors of all levels. More details to follow in the coming weeks. Furio interrupted the announcement to stake his claim at being the first in line to challenge for the new title but he was then interrupted by Ashleigh Stark who in the spirit of the ‘Limitless championship’, challenged Furio to a match.

Furio def. Ashleigh Stark

#1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Final
Kenny Mac def. Jimmy Starr to advance

During the match Jimmy was distracted as Matt Walters came to the ring. Following the distraction Kenny rolled up Jimmy to get the win and progress to the final.

Twelve Man Tag Team Elimination match
Team NLP (Mitch Basher, Robbie Reed, Jay Johnson, Casy Hilton, Jaden Scar & Predator) def. Team Falcon (Tom Falcon, Nathan Shaw, Kai Bailey, Dom Felx ,Jack Hammer & Furio)

#1 Contenders Tournament Final
“Dark Wolf” Matt Walters Vs Kenny Mac ended in a no contest

As the match was starting, FSW founder Jimmy Starr came to the ring to state that Matt was a cheater and in the interest of ‘fairness’, he would take over refereeing duties for the match. Toward the end of the match Matt had Kenny covered and it looked like he would win but as referee Jimmy was about to count to 3 he paused to flip Matt the ‘middle finger’ before giving him a StarrKO cutter. He them pulled Kenny on top of Matt to make the cover. With the crowd poised to celebrate a massive win for the ‘Intergalactic Cowboy’, Jimmy again stopped the count, this time flipping Kenny the middle finger and delivering a cutter. He then left the ring with both men left on their backs in the middle of the ring leaving the match as a no contest and once again throwing the number one contenership for the FSW Championship into disarray.