Date: 28/6/2015
Promotion: Revolution Pro Wrestling
Event: London Cockpit 3
Venue: London Cockpit, London

Match Results…

“Flash” Morgan Webster def. Wild Boar

Jimmy Havov Vs Josh Bodom ended in a double count out

Zan Phoenix interupted a “Lord” Gideon Grey promo, Grey then attack Phoenix until “Flash” Morgan Webster, Jake McCluskey & Jonny Storm make the save!

RPW British Tag Team Championship match
Sha Samuels & James Castle (c) def. The Thrillers (Mark Haskins & Joel Redman)

Finiah saw, Jake McCluskey accidently hit Redman with the tag belt and Samuels & Castle pick up the win. Redman and McCluskey go at it after the match and Haskins breaks things up before they got worse.

Following the interval, The Revolutionists all come out to the ring, they call out Jimmy Havoc to sort out his and Josh Bodom’s situation, Sha Samuels apologises to Havoc, but Bodom refuses and handshake and slaps Havoc, The Revolutionists beat down Havoc and then drag Bodom away screaming “Look What You’ve Done!”, Havoc then declares war on The Revolutionists!

It is announced that Bodom Havoc III will take place at “Uprising” on October 2nd at York Hall in a No Disqualification match!

Doug Williams def. Jonny Storm

Jake McCluskey def. Psycho Phillips

RPW British Cruiserweight Champion, Will Ospreay def. Marty Scurll

Source: ProWresLand & Daniel Richardson