Date: 29/3/2015
Promotion: Preston City Wrestling
Event: Who Dares Wins
Venue: Evoque, Preston

Match Results…

Who Dares Wins match
Ashton Smith def. Martin Kirby, Dean Allmark, Joseph Conners, El Ligero & Joey Hayes

Ashton Smith now enters the Rumble #27, as GM, Joanna Roses friends will be entering #28-#30, as Kirby was pinned he’ll enter #1

April Davids & Viper def. Angelina Love & Liberty

The Hooligans (Roy & Zak Knight) def. Will Ospreay & Davey Richards

PCW Tag Team Champions, Team Single put a beating on The Hooligans after the match and put Zak through a table.

PCW Cruiserweight Champion, Bubblegum def. Mr Anderson

Rumble match
Won by: Dave Mastiff
Order Of Entrants: Martin Kirby, Joey Hayes, The Nordic Warrior, Josh Bodom, Dave Rayne, Ashley Arkell, Tabu, Rio, ? (a Hooligan), Shady Nattress, Keith Myatt, Sam Bailey, Viper, Joseph Conners, April Davids, Greg Lambert, Davey Richards, Dave Mastiff, ? (a Hooligan), Xander Cooper, Charlie Garrett, El Ligero, Dean Allmark, Will Ospreay, Zack Gibson, Mr Anderson, Ashton Smith, PCW Cruiserweight Champion, Bubblegum, PCW Tag Team Champion, Rampage Brown, PCW Tag Team Champion, T-Bone

Finish came down to, Bubblegum, Team Single & Dave Mastiff, The Hooligans then finally made it to the ring, Bubblegum, Team Single and The Hooligans all eliminate each other and Mastiff wins.

Mastiff qill now challenge PCW Champion, Chris Masters for the title at “Tribute To The Troops”.

Source: Ben Corrigan