Date: 22/2/2015
Promotion: Bellatrix Female Warriors
Event: 12
Venue: Epic Studios, Norwich

Match Results…

Shax def. Leah Elise 

Bacardi def. Lilly Fae 

Ultimate Champion Tournament Semi-Final
Bellatrix World Champion, Liberty def. Bellatrix British Champion, Chanel to advance

Ultimate Champion Tournament Semi-Final
RQW Women’s Champion, Sammi Baynz def. Queen Of The Ring winner, Lady Lori to advance

Queen Maya def. Erin Angel 

Sweet Saraya & Skarlett def. Miss Mina & X-Cute Sweet 

Ultimate Champion Tournament Final
Bellatrix World Champion, Liberty Vs RQW Women’s Champion, Sammi Baynz ended in a time limit draw

Source: Ring Wars Facebook Page