Date: 20/12/2014
Promotion: ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Event: Santa’s Still Real To Us, Dammit! Part II
Venue: Trinty Centre, Bristol

Match Results

Prior to the show Sebastian Radclaw pinned Wild Boar to win the ATTACK! 24/7 Championship *New Champion*, as the show began Scrooge (Damian Dunne) attack and pinned Radclaw to win the ATTACK! 24/7 Championship *New Champion*

Kid Lycos & Daft Bumps def. Old Poppa Sunflower & The Love Making Demon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Tyler Bate) def. Turbo  Man (Super Octane)

Grinch (Wild Boar) def. Rudolph (Ryan Smile)

Handicap match
Kevin McCallister (“Flash” Morgan Webster) def. The Wet Bandits (Mike Bird & Dan Maloney)

Flips & Forearms (Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne) def. Jack Skeleton & Sally (Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell)

Lumber Elf match for the ATTACK! 24/7 Championship
Santa (Eddie Dennis) def. Scrooge (Damian Dunne) (c) *New Champion*

Source: ATTACK! Pro Wrestling