Date: 5/10/2014
Promotion: Extreme American Wrestling
Event: Divide & Conquer
Venue: The Pemberton Centre, Rushden

Match Results

Stixx and his new apprentice and tag team partner Blake entered the EAW Rushden arena to answer The Predators challenge to single matches from last month.

However Stixx informed the packed out audience that The Predators were not in attendance and that they were too scared to face them.

To the delight of everyone in attendance Paul Malen entered onto the stage, and responded that Conners was indeed not there but he would be replacing him with the Mexican Luchadore, Cryptico! And that Malen would be taking on Stixx later on in the the night!

Cryptico def. Blake

After the match Stixx & Blake attempted to attack the Mexican sensation but Malen rushed the ring to make the save!

EAW Tag Team Championship match
Prime Time Crew (“Rude Boy” Nate & “Rude Boy” Taylor) (c) def. The Peace Kids (Oliver Peace & Lance Love)

A rematch was set up next month due to “Rude Boy” Matt cheating allowing the PTC to retain their titles.

Stixx def. Paul Malen

Again they attempted to beat down & attack Malen after the match but Cryptico made the save!

Andy Reign & Eric Phillips entered the EAW arena for Reigns special announcement that even his own partner didn’t know what it was  about.
After complaining about all the recent loses he and Eric have occurred lately, he announced a 3rd person will be joining his team, his former Tag Team Champion Partner…the return of Dan Darkstar!
Eric Phillips was not pleased as it became apparent Andy was blaming Eric for the loses! 

Paul McSherry & Super Koji def. Andy Reign & Eric Phillips

After the match Andy Reign furious at another loss turned on Eric Phillips, both he and Darkstar then violently attacked him, setting him up for a viscous top rope double move, however Eric at the last second reversed it, and took both out Dan & Andy out!

He then challenged Andy to a match next month. And that he will be coming back as The Chameleon to the delight of the audience!!

Chris Tyler & “A-Star” Andy Poole def. EAW World Heavyweight Champion, Ultra Mark Massa & EAW Academy Champion, Stealth

However this duo ‘The Deadly Alliance’ were not getting along all night and seemed to be looking out for each other rather than the team!
They were even arguing over who got the winning pinfall!

Whilst arguing and distracted this allowed Massa to recover and destroy this ‘Deadly Alliance’.
Massa then challenged Andy & Chris to a triple threat with his title on the line next month!

Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the EAW Light Heavyweight Championship
Mister Monster def. T.K. Hayward (c) *New Champion*

Crazy, incredible and just plain bonkers!! Watch the DVD to see what you missed but let’s just say Mister Monster didn’t disappoint!!

After the match The PTC rushed the ring & surrounded the ladder with the celebrating Monster at the top!

“Rude Boy” Matt demanded a match next month for the title, threatening to topple the ladder and the Monster to the outside if he didn’t accept!

However The Peace Kids rushed ringside to make the save, followed by the entire roster! A huge mass brawl ensued!
Followed by Mister Monster climbing the 12ft ladder & doing a huge flip plancha from the very top of the ladder to the outside onto everyone!!

Source: Nick Ashberry