Date: 31/5/2014
Promotion: Kamikaze Pro
Event: Versus PBW
Where: The Austin Club, Birmingham

Match Results

Damian Dunne def. Kenny Williams
Kamikaze Pro 1, PBW 0

Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney def. T.J. Rage & Joe Coffey
Kamikaze Pro 2, PBW 0

Kid Fite def. Kamikaze Pro Relentless Division Champion, Robbie X
Kamikaze Pro 2, PBW 1

Pete Dunne def. Marshall X

Kamikaze Pro Championship match
Ryan Smile (c) def. Kay Lee Ray
Kamikaze Pro 3, PBW 1

Kay Lee Ray did originally win the match and the belt, after the official was knocked out and a second one came down and awarded KLR the match, hwever the original official came too, reversed the decision and restarted the match

After the match, Damian Dunne & Kamikaze Pro Champion, Ryan Smile attacked KLR until Pete Dunne made the save, it was then announced that Damian Dunne had een replaced by Pete Dunne in the mian event.

Ten Person Tag Team Elimination match
Team PBW (Kid Fite, Joe Coffey, Kay Lee Ray, T.J. Rage & Kenny Williams) def. Team Kamikaze (Pete Dunne, Kamikaze Pro Champion, Ryan Smile, Kamikaze Pro Relentless Division Champion, Robbie X, Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney)
Order of Elimination: Pete Dunne, T.J. Rage, Kenny Williams, Tyler Bate, Kay Lee Ray, Dan Moloney, Robbie X

After the match Robbie X was attacked by Kid Fite & Joe Coffey

Source: Kamikaze Pro

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