The following are results from LCW Roses debut show “Roses Rumble” from Brockington College, Leicester on January 25th.

Match Results

Pollyanna Peppers def. Felony

Viper & Jenna def. The Pin-Up Princesses (“Princess” Nidia Sapphire & Violet Vendetta)

Addy Starr def. Rhia O’Reilly via disqualification

Carmel Jacob def. Shauna Shay bysubmission

Three-Way Dance
Winner enters rumble last, however the loser of the pinfall or submission enters first
Nikki Storm def. Erin Angel & Kay Lee Ray

Nikki Storm will now enter the Roses Rumble last and Kay Lee Ray must enter first

Roses Rumble
Elimination occurs via being thrown Over The Top, Through The Middle or Under The Bottom Rope
Nikki Storm won the Roses Rumble